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OC Number Replacement Meme

1) Pick 10 characters in any order
2) Don't change the questions
3) Please don't look at the questions while picking characters, it's more fun if you don't!
4) Tag 2-5 people to do the meme (if you want)
5) Have fun!

1. Shadow
2. Draco
3. Terry
4. Icy
5. Flare
6. Windy
7. Sparky
8. Poison
9. Clare
10. Blaze


1. First comes first, who are you, your age, and add an interesting hobby!
(I guess this means me, then)
I am Lady, and I won’t tell my age. I love to read, write, draw, knit, and crochet, I guess XD

2. [4] What do you regret the most?

“Not being able to save my brother, before he was strangled by my mother…” Icy mumbles, a single tear falling from her eye onto the seat she sat on.

3. Do you have a fetish [2]? And does [5] fill it?

“A fetish?” Draco asked with a curious look in her eyes. “Well, if I did, then it wouldn’t have anything to do with Flare.”

4. [10] becomes Emo! What was the cause and who will be the most concerned, [7], [1] or [9]
(I honestly don’t know how to respond to this. But if anyone were to be concerned, it would be Clare )

5. [8] Loses his/her keys to his/her house. [6] Invites [8] to stay over at his/her house. What happens next?

“That was nice of you to let me stay over Windy.” Poison thanked as he stepped in the house, followed by Windy.
“It’s no problem, Poison.” Windy replied as she closed the door before pointing to the couch. “Well, you can choose to sleep on the couch or in the guest bed.”
“I’d prefer to sleep here.” Poison says as he sits down on the couch, and began to take his shoes off.
“Alright then, and if you need anything, then just let me know.” Windy replies as she began to move towards her bedroom.

6. Who would win a fight, [5] or [3]?

“Obiously me.” Flare says as he points a thunb to his chest, a cocky grin on his face. “Terry can’t even hurt a fly, let alone someone like me!”

7. A party was held at [2]'s house! [10] gets drunk and [2] notices. Does [2] do anything?

“Blaze, I think you’ve had too much to drink,” Draco comments as she picks up one of the red-head’s heels, watching as she sat on the couch with a stupid grin.
“What’re ya talkin’ bout?” Blaze slurs, followed by a hiccup.
“I mean,” Draco began as she walked over to Blaze, before pulling on her arm, forcing her to stand up. “We’re going to put you somewhere where you can’t get anything more to drink.”
And without another word, Draco led the drunken Blaze to her bedroom, where she locked the door from the outside.

8. Does [4] want a child? Yes or no? If yes, a boy or a girl and how many?

“*bleep* no.” Icy responds noncholently, folding her arms across her chest. “But, if I was forced to, I guess it would be one boy.”

9. [5] falls asleep on [1]'s couch. What's [1]'s reaction and does he/she do anything about it?

“Too much, last night?” Shadow asks with a bored tone as Flare jumped awake, looking around.
“I…I guess…” Flare replies, rubbing his head. A smile slowly spreads across his face. “But she was the best girl, if ya catch my drift.”
“I’m not even gonna ask.” Shadow replies immediately as he reached the door, pulling on the knob. “Just be sure to leave by time I get back.”
“Okay then,”

10. [9] is dreaming a lot about [8]. [9] confesses that [8] has been on his/her mind and explains the dream. How does it go?

“Poison, I’ve been thinking a lot about you,” Clare begins as she sits down next to the purple-haired boy. “And I recently had a dream about you.”
“Is that so?” Poison responds, looking at Clare. “ Would you like to tell me?”
“Well, uh, in m-my dream, we…we, er, k-kissed,” Clare stutteres before hiding her face in her hands. Poison watched as her ears went pink from embaressment.
“Well,” Poison began as Clare glanced from between her fingers. “If you want that to happen, I’d be glad to.”
“W-what?” Clare stuttered, removing her hands from her face. “Did I really hear you right?”
“Shouldn’t everyone’s dreams become true at some point?” He replies as he kissed her cheek. This only caused her to become scarlett red.

11. Who would [6] prefer to go out with, [10] or [7]?

“To be honest, I don’t like either, but because I’m straight, and Blaze is a girl, I would go with Sparky.” Windy comments as she folds her hands before placing them in her lap.

12. Whoever [6] picked, [6] has married! How does [3] react?

“Good for her, I guess?” Terry says, confusion in his voice. He looks down at his feet, before looking back at the camera. “Poison might not find it cool at all, though.”

13. [4] Turns out to think he/she will never get a good boyfriend/girlfriend. Why does [4] think that and how will [8] react or help?

“In all honesty, I think people who need a boyfriend/girlfriend are just people who can’t take the bull by the horns.” Icy crossly comments as she folds her arms over her chest, before looking off screen. “And I say myself as able to take the bull by its horns.”

(That’s all we could get from Icy. Sorry )

14. Will [2] ever be a good comedian?

“I don’t think so.” Draco’s gaze goes from the camera to her pants leg, then back to the camera. “I wouldn’t be considered ‘funny’ material, but I might crack jokes to ease everyone’s mood a bit. Is that considered ‘funny’?”

15. [5] Suggests "Russian Roulette" for a game do [1] and [10] agree to it?

(I had to look the game up. A scary game ;~;. And I’ve seen this trio somewhere…)
“Let’s play ‘Russian Roulette’?” Flare suggests as the three sat on Shadow’s couch.
“*bleep* no!” Shadow replies, looking Flare straight in the eye. “I’ not betting my life on a dumb game like that!”
“I agree.” Blaze agrees, nodding her head. “Betting one’s life on a game isn’t all that fun.”

“Well, dang.” Flare comments as he stares blankly at the television screen. “How about Strip Poker?”
“*bleep* no!”

16. [7] has a huge embarrassing secret about [6] and tells [2]. [6] knows that [7] told [2]. Does [6] plan to take revenge or ignore it?

“I’ll show you Sparky,” Windy growls as she hides under Sparky’s bed, just outside of the bathroom door. “Nobody tells anyone about my secrets.”
Smiling deviously, Windy heard the shower start, before hearing Sparky’s off-key singing.

17. [8] plays "7 Minutes In Heaven" with [6], [4] and [5]. [8] goes in with [6]. What goes on with [8] and [6]. Do they kiss, and follow the rules or do more or less?

(Well played, author. Well played.)
“Well… this is awkward,” Poison comments as the two stand facing eact other in the dark closet.
“Yep. Really awkward.” Windy agrees, looking down at the floor.
“The rules does say we have to kiss, or at least do something, right?” Posion asks after a minute passes by
“I believe so.” Windy responds as she moves towards the purple-haired boy. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she leans in for a kiss. Poison wrapped a hand around her waist, bringing her closer to him. With one quick motion, the two kissed each other on the lips, before breaking away.
“That was really sweet Poison.” Windy commented as she looked at Poison with a loving smile.
“I can agree with you on that one.” Poison agrees as he looks back at her, a smile on his face as well.
(CuriousShipping FTW!)

18. Someones a parent! [9] what happened? Who's the partner? Tell us!

“Poison and Windy had twins after a bit of thought.” Clare announces as she looks at the camera, before directing her gaze down to her folded hands. “One is a boy, who they named ‘Breeze’, and the girl’s name is ‘Ivy’.
“They’re both really cute, with their pinchable cheeks, and Breeze’s hair is really fluffy, while Ivy’s hair is so long!” Clare continues with a smile at the thought of the two children.

19. [4] Is forced to sit on [8]'s lap? Does everything stay friendly? Who wanted it, [4] or [8]?

“I don’t find this comfortable at all.” Icy growled as she folds her arms over her chest. Poison looked from the side of Icy, a slightly annoyed look on his face.
“You’re telling me,” He responds before mumbling under his breath, “And you are a bit on the heavy side.”
“What was that?!” She hisses as she immediately looks over her shoulder at Poison, an annoyed look on her face.
“N-nothing!” He quickly replies, his ears turning pink. He knew as well as anyone that one wrong word to Icy could land someone in the hospital.

20. [1] has slept over at [3]'s house with [9]. [1] decides to pull a prank on [9] and ties him/her up. Why and what's [3]'s reaction when him/her wakes up?

“C-Clare! What happened to you?!” Terry exclaims when he walks into his livingroom to see Clare tied up to a table leg.
“I don’t know. I woke up like this, and Shadow says he doesn’t know either.” Clare explains before yawning, followed by an “excuse me”.
“Well, we better get you untied from here.” Terry says as he walked over to Clare, before looking at the know behind her. “This knot looks tough.”
“If I knew what kind of knot it was, I would help you.” Clare comments as Terry begins to pull at the knot.
“I think I got it,” Terry mumbles as he begins pulling at the knot in different threads. Unfortunately, that only makes the knot harder to loosen, so he comes up with a different idea. Without a word, Terry stands up before heading into the kitchen. Coming back with a butcher’s knife, he takes a handful of the rope before slicing it, handful by handful, until the rope has been cut completely off.
“Thank you Terry.” Clare thanked as she hugged the blue-haired boy.

21. [8] gets [2] for a slave for a day. What does [8] make [2] do?

“Can you help me get the berries from off the tree for Windy?” Poison asked as he pointed to a bunch of berries resting on the top of the tree.
“Sure.” Draco replies as she grips the tree bark, before climbing like a Mankey to the top. With a rustle to the trees, the berries diappeared, before a crack was heard, followed by a scream. Draco landed to the ground on her back.
“Here’s the berries…” Draco groaned as she held up the berries up to Poison. Happily taking the berries from her hand, Poison walked away.
“Thanks Draco!”

22. [4] if there was one person in the world you could live with forever, who would it be? Pick one person from the list and you pick one person who's not on the list (it can be someones OC that isn't yours).

“If there’s one person I would live forever with, it would be Draco.” Icy says as she looks off into space. “Surprisingly she is the only person I could live with.”
“And Pokemon Trainer Red.” Icy continues, looking back at the camera. “He was the person who saved me from certain death.”

23. Oh no! [6] has gone missing! Turns out [3] had kidnapped him/her. How does [6] react to his/her kidnapper?  

“Terry, why would you do this to me?!” Windy shouts from her spot on the floor as Terry flipped a switch, turning on a set of overhead lights.
“Because,” he begins, facing towards the blue-haired girl. “You said you were gonna marry Sparky.”
“I wasn’t really gonna marry him,” Windy replies with annoyance as she watches Terry walk over to her, until he is standing above her. “It was a joke, and you fell for it.”
“Oh…” Realizing what he did, he looks away, and with an emberessed tone, quickly asks, “Will you not press charges for this?”
“Alright then.” She replies, standing to her feet before heading towards the door.

24. [4] is dared to take off 5 articles of clothing, which does he/she chose take off? Shoes, glasses, bracelets, earrings, hair accessories and watches don't count either...

“This better be for a good cause, too,” Icy mumbles as she began to take off her shoes, before taking off her socks. “1..2 socks.”
“Socks don’t count!” Draco yells as Icy began to take off her hat. Ignoring Draco, Icy continues with “3: a hat.”
“The rule doesn’t say socks or hats don’t count, so they are considered articles of clothing, Miss Draco.” One of the interviewers announces as she scans through the list. Draco grumbles a protest as Icy begins to unzip her coat, before tossing it to Draco. “4: coat.”
“Wow, I always thought you only wore your coat, and there was nothing underneath,” Draco comments as Icy pulled on the bottom of her white t-shirt, a look of confusion on her face.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Icy questions as she looked up at the lavender-haired girl.
“I mean, you’re wearing a v-neck, and because of the design, it hides under your coat so well, I thought you wouldn’t wear another shirt.” Draco continues, before quickly changing the subject. “So, are you gonna remove the shirt?”
“Do I have to?” Icy asks, a look of embaressment on her face.
“No, but you have to take off the skirt then.” Draco responds, folding her arms. “So take off either the shirt or the skirt.”
Looking up at the ceiling, she quickly adds in, “But not in that way.”
Sighing, followed by a mumble of protests, Icy removes the white shirt, tossing it to Draco. “5: shirt.”
Quickly attempting to cover her chest, Icy asks “Can I have my stuff back now?”
“Sure,” Draco replies, tossing the clothes back at the white-haired girl.

25. [3] is arrested? Why and who comes to save [3] or is he/she left there for the full time?
“How’d you get arrested?” Clare asks as she picks up her wallet, before digging through it for money.
“I don’t know. One minute I’m walking along the street like any person, next minute I’m thrown in jail!” Terry explains as Clare begins to pull out 20-dollar bills and 10-dollar bills.
“Thank you Clare!” Terry exclaims as she goes off to pay the amount.
OC Number Replacement Meme
I don't even know anymore XD
Here's the blank meme:
All the people used in this meme (besides Red0 belongs to me. Pkmn Trainer Red belongs to GameFreak.
Situation #1 by Icedvore
Situation #1
(Thank you :iconnicotheserperior: for the idea)
You can tell if Draco has been possessed by a few things.
1. She has red eyes, unlike her un-possessed form, which has magenta eyes
2. Instead of one fang, she has two
3. Her eyelids are mostly closed, possibly to keep from seeing her blood-red eyes
4. She might shout deadly things at random times, even while talking
Question #2 by Icedvore
Question #2
Fun Fact: Draco is afraid of mirrors, which explains why she refuses to look at herself
I probably won't be doing any more stories on here, and even if they were, they'd most likely be memes.

My life has been changing crazily this summer, causing me to lose time to do anything. From having someone move (almost) out of my life, to having to deal with court. So for those of you who have been waiting for requests o wanting to make a request, I won't be able to finish the requests, because I will forget it, and won't get to it any time soon.

I'll probably be checking Deviantart every once in a while, but only to reply to comments and probably upload something.

If you want to keep up with me, check out my account on Wattpad, just type in, then look up "LadyPolka". That's where I'm most likely on.

This will probably be the last journal you'll see, but I won't be deleting my account anytime soon.

Bye-bye for now...

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Short Stories
I will be able to do a short story in which you can have a choice of who's included (if you are using your characters, please supply me with a reference, or I will not accept)
Pokemon Trainer Red by Icedvore
Why Blaze shouldn't cook by Icedvore
Draco and Icy by Icedvore
I will draw any Pokémon characters (Anime, Game, Manga, ect.) and they are going for a small price~! :heart:
Animal Characters (uncolored)
Rebecca Rabbit by Icedvore
I know this is not the best, but I am giving it a shot. Only for 10 points.
Vore Commissions
I will do vore requests anybody asks for. I will do Pokemon vore, MLP vore, or Human vore. Nothing that will cause me to censor some things, though.


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(Thank you :iconyvetalsman09: for the ID!)
Hello, and welcome to my page! Yes, I'm a vore lover, a HUGE fan of Role playing (rp), and if your not, you may want to leave. If you can, please call me Kibble, I thinks it's funny. At times, I will start saying random stuff in french, please try to ignore that. Merci et Bonne Chance :D!(Translation: Thank you and enjoy:D!) Here are some of the stamps that I found that fits my personality Forgetful by prosaix Sweet tooth by prosaix Waking up... by prosaix Stamp- Vore Lovers by Fyuvix Mental Wi-Fi by prosaix Not Derps Stamp by RainCupcake Slow interwebz by prosaix Night owl by prosaix
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